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Southeastern Informs


Web/Graphic Designer


February 2016-May 2016


This site was for a large class project for my Advanced Web Interfaces course in my Spring 2016 semester. I was on a team of 7 other people, each with different skills that we brought to the project. I was one of the head Web Designers, and also the group's Graphic Designer. Myself, along with two other members, worked closely with the liason for Southeastern Informs group to determine what needs they wanted met. Our project consisted of designing a brand new site for the Southeastern chapter of Informs, using the Bootstrap backbone, making it fully responsive. Their previous site was rigid, non-responsive, and diffucult to find certain things in the number of menus scattered around the website. We utilized Wordpress as our content management system, so the officers of their chapter coudl easily add content in the future without extensive knowledge in using HTML, CSS, etc. Besides leading the design and coding of the site, I also redisgned their logo to look cleaner, and higher resolution so it could be used for other purposes. We also had to create a backend system within Wordpress for the Officers and members of the organization to login, and access special content. We used the Ultimate Member plugin for Wordpress to setup the system, and it works exactly like they imagined. The overall project was a great success, and the organization loves it, and is something they can show off.