About Me

Here's just a little information about me. I am a freelance Audio Engineer, Web Developer, and Multi-media Designer from the Middle Georgia area. I currently attend Georgia Southern University, and I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Web and Multimedia Foundations with a Second Discipline in Music Technology. I first became involved with audio engineering in middle school when I was asked to step in as the FOH engineer for church. I've grown up around music, and have always had a passion for music and technology, so I quickly formed a desire for music technology. Those passions grew over the years, and I started to develop other talents and passions which has led me to become who I am today: an Audio Engineer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, and the list continues to grow every day. I challenge myself to learn something new all the time, and to use my skills to help others. Hopefully after viewing my website, we can find a way to help you with your goals!